Problem about install windows 10 in mac os with bootcamp.

problem 1: stuck at "partition disk".


  1. force quit boot camp

  2. then open disk utility.

  3. click partition, delete all other partition (using the - symbol)that bootcamp made. including: OSXRECOVER and BOOTCAMP.

  4. open bootcamp again and try re-install again.

problem 2: An error occurred while copying the Windows installation files

reason: because bootcamp using a 8g FAT32 disk partition to copy windows file, since FAT32 can not support file larger than 4g. any windows file larger than 4g will cause this problem happen.


  1. use a ISO that have file size smaller than 4g.
  2. known iso that can not use: 1703 1803 1809 (may work on your computer)
  3. known iso that can use: none