Resolving System Crash Issue After Installing Kubuntu on ThinkBook 16+


by ChatGPT

During my recent work, I attempted to install the Kubuntu operating system on a ThinkBook 16+. However, I encountered an intriguing issue. After successful installation, I began to experience unpredictable system crashes followed by a reboot. In this blog, I will share my troubleshooting and resolution process, hoping to help readers who encounter similar issues.

Observation and Diagnosis

Before beginning my investigation, I first observed the manifestation of these crashes. I noticed that the system would crash only after establishing a network connection, which led me to suspect an issue with the network driver. Upon checking the hardware specifications of the device, I found that the network adapter is an mt7921e.

To further probe the potential issues within the system, I ran the command sudo journalctl | grep mt2971e in the terminal, seeking relevant error messages from the system logs. From the returned logs, I noticed the following entries:

May 18 16:37:52 kernel: mt7921e 0000:03:00.0: Timeout for driver own
May 18 16:37:52 kernel: mt7921e 0000:03:00.0: driver own failed

Searching for a Solution

Armed with this information, I began looking for possible solutions online. On GitHub, I came across an issue similar to my problem: From this issue, I learned that the problem could potentially be related to the version of the Linux kernel.

Therefore, I attempted to update to the 6.1 generic version of the kernel, but the issue persisted—the system continued to crash.

The Final Solution

Despite the fact that updating to the latest generic kernel did not solve the issue, I did not give up. After conducting further research, I decided to try installing the 6.1 version of the ubuntu OEM kernel.

Following the instructions provided in the official Ubuntu documentation at, I installed the OEM kernel.

apt install linux-oem-22.04c

The result was success—the system no longer experienced crashes or reboots!


Through the process of resolving this issue, I gained a deeper understanding of the Linux kernel and network drivers. I also learned how to pinpoint and resolve issues through system logs and online resources. By sharing this experience, I hope to assist others experiencing similar issues on their Linux systems.